Dr. Dobson’s energy and disposition alone set him apart from many chiropractors out there. My boyfriend is a chiropractor himself, so it is a priority of ours to have our little pup checked out and adjusted regularly by a doc who specializes in animal chiropractic. Watching Dr. Dobson adjust our 7.6 lb Miniature Pinscher is like watching a baby get adjusted. So gentle, specific, and effective! Super grateful to have Dr. Dobson as a healer, colleague, and friend! We even recommend our own patients take their pets to see him!
Abby R.

Watched Dr. Dobson work on a customers horse tonight. He was very thorough and informative. In horses, we are not always lucky enough to work with medical professionals that are patient enough to explain what they are doing and why. Watching Dr. Dobson work on this horse was a treat, not only because I saw a real difference in the horse immediately afterward, but because I learned something in the process. I will definitely recommend him in the future.
Sarah H.

The first experience at Dobson Chiropractic and I was beyond happy with my visit! Dr. Lynch was able to squeeze me in on his schedule today. He was very patient, thorough and caring while he took care of my neck/upper back pain!! Thank you again!!!
Kayla J.

Just had Mark out to work on a few horses. What a great experience! Very thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant! The horses were all at ease and enjoyed their adjustments. Will definitely be a repeat customer!
Tabitha S.

Highly recommend!!! Went today for my 1st chiropractic experience and it was amazing! Dr.Lynch was very nice and really thorough made me feel very comfortable!!
Beth Ann S.